Computerized Lamp Arrays
A Mirror surrounded by computer-mediated dimming lamps goes beyond an object one looks at - it actively alters the appearance its surroundings. 

As the light distribution and intensity varies, shadows and highlights in the carved frame, the viewers own face, and nearby objects morph in interesting ways.  The mirror lamps allow people to play with the effects of light diffusion and  directionality on solid objects, in real time.

The user operates simple controls suck as joysticks and sliders. Behind the scenes, electronics and software digest the user inputs and generate the pattern of lamp intensities.

It can also be set to do interesting routines without user input.
Technical Overview
30 Bulb Mirror Lamp
Framed mirror, lamp parts, custom electronics, polycarbonate 30" x 34" x 8" deep.  2004
Integration, Construction, Electronics, Software - Carl Pisaturo
works of  Carl C Pisaturo