Carlovision  3D Panoramic Time Lapse Photography System - Overview
A system that leverages recent technological progress to improve upon and combine 3 photographic techniques: stereography (left), time lapse (right), and panorama (above) ...
... creating high-fidelity 3D audio-visual experiences, with realtime control over gaze direction and time flow, as well as deep-zoomability and ambient audio. 

The look and life of scenes are captured and preserved so that people, perhaps far away in time and space, can experience and study them.
W H A T   I T    I S
H O W   I T    W O R K S
1 : Capture
2 : Preparation
3 : Viewing
A custom built motorized stereo camera rig is set up and activated.  The rig proceeds to automatically shoot the same panorama, over and over.

Typically, each 360 degree panorama consists of 16 stereo pairs, and takes 30 seconds to complete - resulting in 64 precisely aligned photos per minute.

Such a session may run for an hour or more and capture thousands of photos.
Newly shot photos are loaded into a computer for preparation...  The photos are first organized into folders by scene and eye. Various registrations, stereo  alignments, prerenderings and renamings are then performed by custom software.

The resulting set of folders and files are  ready for viewing.       
User looks into 3D viewer while "driving" with tactile user interface.  Based on his hand commands for gaze direction, time flow and zoom level, the appropriate 3D view is quickly generated and placed on the display by an attached computer running custom player software.
Short video explaining the capture aspects of the system.  Available in HD.
Tactile User Interface
Mirror-Based 3D Viewer
The goal is to make this picture better.

Sure, it's interesting as it is... but imagine if you could zoom way in - filling the frame with a face, or looking into the store, and see it in color and 3D...
details of the scene.  

Further, imagine the ability to see not only this view in front of you, but the view to the left and to the right, and all around you...  context of the scene.

And finally, imagine the ability to see the same view a minute later, and a minute after that... life of the scene.

Such a superpicture would be a powerful tool for understanding, as well as a pleasure to explore.
S. Mariani Groceries, Liquors & Hardware, 1891    2881 23rd street, San Francisco, California
Eadweard Muybridge, Panorama of San Francisco, 1878
works of  Carl C Pisaturo