Flow Scope - fluid motion visualization devices
works of  Carl C Pisaturo
Holding a Flowcope Panel front bezel.  This, the bezel's inner surface, holds the power supply, controller PCB, user interface sensors and an fluid-facing white LED strip. A complete wall-mounted Flowscope Panel can be seen in the background.  24" x 17" x 4".  2012.
FlowScopes are devices which allow people to see and influence the fascinating behavior of turbulent fluids.

These turbulence patterns are all around us - for example when we move through air or pour a glass of water - but are normally invisible due to the uniformity of the fluids involved.

The key elements of a FlowScope are a transparent container of rheoscopic fluid, a stirring method, and effective lighting. 

Such fluid visualization devices can take many forms, I've built flat panel, cylinder and spherical versions.

FLOWSCOPE TUBE prototype with ducted propeller stirrer (above) w/ cat Pucci, age 6 months. 2015.  "Gas Giant Planet Model" (right) with individually controllable concentric sphere shear-based stirring. 2014.