Scientific Instruments and Apparatus
Carl has been designing and building "things that make science work" since the early 1990's.  He has worked primarily for the Stanford University Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences, and also done projects for several other university and biotech  laboratories.  This custom built equipment runs the gamut from simple physical objects in plastic and metal to complex systems combining software, electronics and mechanisms.

A few examples...
Physiology Chamber. Machined Plexiglass
Special Cap. Plexiglass, o-ring, hypo tube
Periodic Pulse Generator & Frequency Divider.  Creates an output signal every N events.
RS-232 <-> RS-485 Translator
Micromanipulator / Microscope Frame.
Machined aluminum
CPI Pulse System, I/O panel and PC screenshot.  This popular device allows microsecond accuracy pulse trains to be designed on a PC and then uploaded to microcontroller based hardware. Used for several purposes.
NMR Carriers. Machined Plexiglass and Delrin
Ultra Low Noise, 1000 x, AC / DC differential amplifier.  Used for extracellular neuronal  "field" recording.  With signal clip indicators and large DC offset range. 
LaserHop.  The PC software user interface communicates with motor controller boards which drive micro-motion actuators. The goal is to deliver laser pulses to a series of precise locations for neural circuit mapping.  These laser pulses "uncage" specially designed neurotransmitter molecules.
Warm-U 2.0
works of  Carl C Pisaturo