Spiroglyph Luminokinetic Sculpture
works of  Carl C Pisaturo
SPIROGLYPH Luminokinetic sculpture. Design and manufacture - Carl Pisaturo 2013
Envelope of operation: 39" diameter.  Materials - machined aluminum, brass, chrome steel, epoxy and Delrin; ball bearings, urethane belts, 3 electric motors, LEDs, custom electronics
Spiroglyph is a machine which rotates LEDs on 3 levels of superimposed coplanar rotation.  (imagine a lamp on a rotating bar which rides on a second rotating bar, all of which rides on a third rotating bar).  The speeds and directions of these 3 rotations are controllable, allowing surprising variety in the character of the patterns created... from stable and simple geometric patterns to puzzling pseudo-chaotic scribbles.

Because of "persistence of vision" (the slow response of the human eye in dim environments), the paths created by the motions of the LEDs appear as complex curves.

The machine runs fast and smooth, with minimal vibration and complex whooshing sounds as structures move in and out of alignment with airstreams.

The achievable rotation speeds are 7.5 Hz first (biggest) axis; 12.5 Hz second axis; 36 Hz third axis.  Maximum acceleration is over 800 g's - necessitating rock-solid construction.

An optional g force based LED color system can be activated, adding another interesting dimension to the visuals.