the TRANSMUTASCOPE is a strobe illusion device, or a physical movie loop player
A series of objects is arranged in a circle on a rotating disk. Each object is slightly different than the ones adjacent to it. Strobe lamps fire in sync with the object positions, and in dim room light, the objects appear to be stationary and transforming. 

The Transmutascope exploits the same  perceptual trick as movie film: a series of still images played in rapid succession seems like movement. The Transmutascope, however, uses a series of physical objects instead of photographs. 
shown with Rod Length Transform Media Disk. 
Design, Electronics and Fabrication: Carl Pisaturo, 2007.
Plywood; machined aluminum, steel, epoxy, polycarbonate; motor, sensor, LEDs, custom electronics.
approx 25" square x 8" deep.
Mechanical Transform (partial)
Transmutascope Details:
works of  Carl C Pisaturo