Structures: Interlocked Opposed Tetrahedrons
Experimental Structure, 2008
design and fabrication - Carl Pisaturo
24" high, 10" wide base.
carbon fiber-epoxy tubes and bases, 
Making the silicone mold which will be used to make the base plates.  The clear plastic structure is is "the mold for the mold".
Casting a base plate
A mat of carbon fiber cloth which has been cut to size with scissors is embedded into liquid epoxy.  The result is lightweight and surprisingly stiff.
Assembly is a matter of clamping down the bottom plate; getting the top plate where it should be; and then filling the anchorage cups with epoxy.
This structure has the odd quality of being rigid in X, Y, Z, Roll and Pitch, but quite flexible in Yaw. 

The materials were chosen to optimize strength to weight ratio.

Carbon fiber tubes are doubled-up in the mid sections to improve stability (resistance to buckling).  These tube-over-tube joins were done by injecting epoxy into a small hole drilled midlength in the outer tube.
works of  Carl C Pisaturo